Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve already taken your seminar in person, is there any benefit in this course for me?

ABSOLUTELY! The course is setup in a way that is much more in-depth and intimate than I can achieve in any large class. You’ll be able to see close-up shots and detailed instruction that you can reference over and over again.

Can I take the online course more than once?

YES! The class is setup to be watched unlimited times, and broken into chapters so you can easily reference any particular part at any time. After you purchase the course, you will have instant lifetime access.

I don’t have a computer, can I take the course on my phone or tablet?

YES! It will work on any device. Although a phone is not optimal with the smaller screen size (it will still work with no issues), an iPad works great.

I’ve never done any lettering, is this class too advanced for me?

NO! This class was made for everyone at any skill level. The lettering basics chapters will get you on track fast.

Do I have to setup an account to use the course?

A. YES. With the length of the course, making it a general download would be such a large file that the best approach is to be able to just sign in and watch with no download times. Plus you'll be able to start and stop at your convenience, and pick back up right where you left off, on any device! We've also set it up this way for security purposes.

What if I’m unhappy with the course and don’t feel there was anything for me to learn?

Refunds are not guaranteed, but would certainly be considered. Just send me an email at [email protected] and we can discuss it.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most credit cards as well as PayPal. Credit card processing is done via Stripe, so your information is completely safe and encrypted.

If I need more explanation on a particular section of the course, am I able to get further instruction?

Yes! Just send me an email with your questions: [email protected].

Do I need to be a tattooer to learn from this course?

Absolutely not! The majority of the course is teaching how to come up with dynamic lettering designs. This can be used in graphic design, sign-making, or other various art forms. The possibilities are endless!

Ready to Learn?

Now that I've answered all of your questions, let's get started!